A lot has happened since I first created this blog, a lot of not so good life events, and a few amazing things. I have deleted everything and decided to start from scratch, a new optimistic and direct reflection of everything - because bottling it all up just doesn't cut it anymore. It'll be centered around the nags still, mainly just to help me become accountable for their goals. So let's dive in! I'll introduce the team and their November goals! Fatty My everything, in a tiny, tubby stock horse package. He's getting old now, and as always is fat as mud. He's my old reliable - the cow horse, feedlot pony, trail horse, just my 'get on and go' pony! November goals: Hooves, tail, coat, rugs... Unferalise.  Get back to a normal weight - ongoing issue! Take out ponying more, he loves it and means I don't have to ride multiple horses! Riding days - aim for at least 4 days light work Pinky My problem child, a 4yo Appaloosa who has sat in